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compound fertilizer Dry Roller Compactor
compound fertilizer Dry Roller Compactor
compound fertilizer Dry Roller Compactor
compound fertilizer Dry Roller Compactor
compound fertilizer Dry Roller Compactor

compound fertilizer Dry Roller Compactor

Цена за штуку: USD 26500 - 7500 / Set/Sets
Incoterm: FOB
Количество минимального заказа: 1 Set/Sets
Срок поставки: 30 дней

Базовая информация

    Модель: GFZL

Additional Info

    Подробности Упаковки: Wooden Case

    производительность: 15sets

    марка: Ruide

    транспорт: Ocean

    Место происхождения: China

    Способность поставки: 2Sets/Month

    Сертификаты : ISO9001

Описание продукта

Dry Roller Granulator Description

Dry Roller Granulator can make the powder raw material directly to granular products to meet user requirements without any intermediates and additives. after granulating Product granularity uniformity and bulk density increased significantly which not only control the pollution but also reduce the production cost and improve the appearance and liquidity material to facilitate drug next operation process and storage. Also can control the solubility, porosity, specific surface area and many other advantages. Because particles compression time is short, long time no heating process, so that the active ingredients of drugs is not easy to be destroyed, especially suitable for wet and heat sensitive drugs.

Dry Roller Granulator Working process

Dry Roller Granulator Put dry powder material to hopper by hand or automatic feeder (pneumatic or motor), then transport them to pressure chamber by screw. Push back the material into high density slice by two high pressure extrusion wheels and make the particles based on customer requirement then granulating finished.

Dry Roller Pressing Granulator has the following parts: feeding system, extruding system, front cover, water cooling system, Granulation system, hydraulic system, the body composition, cover plate, rotating screen system etc.

The whole machine is divided into machine body and operation panel, all drive parts and the affiliated facilities in the body, the work of contact with the material in operation panel, multiple sealing isolation between them, work under the completely sealed state and all parts contacting with materials are convenient disassembly cleaning, effectively prevent leakage of dust, reduced the possibility of pollution, reduced the purification area, completely accords with the GMP requirements of pharmaceutical production. We can offer FAT, SAT, IQ, OQ and PQ documents.

Dry Roller Granulation Machine working principle

Dry Roller Granulation Machine is to press powder material to blocky shapes by a pair of press rollers that moves in opposite directions so as to improve its proportion. And then it is shattered through the secondary granulating mechanism to finally become the qualified material. Besides, it guarantees that the material is clean and it produces no pollution in the granulating process.

Dry Roller Granulation Machine of working principles:

Dry Roller Granulation Machine

Dry Roller Granulation Machine Technical Parameter

type capability kg/h Hopper volume L Roll size mm Max. roll pre-pressure MPa Max. operation pressure of the hydraulic system MPa Roll and material conveying speed adjustment mode
GK80 20-60 3 Ø200*80 10 10

frequency cnversion speed adjustment

GK120 30-100 5 Ø200*120 15 15

frequency cnversion speed adjustment

Группа Продуктов : Гранулирование машина > Грануляторы сухого роликовые

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